Wong Kei is a chinese restaurant in London, known for an unique and sometimes rude service. The waiters are wearing red or black branded t-shirts with the slogan "upstairs, downstairs", which is always the reception to guests. These shirts are also available for sale and became a "running gag" among Wong Kei Fans. And it seems a little bit ironic, that the waiters decide, who has to go "downstairs" or "upstairs" - remembering the old tv series...
The divine Sarah Bernhardt laid the foundation stone of the present building located in Chinatown and this short dialogue between her and Oscar Wilde reminds of the special Wong Kei humour: 

Oscar Wilde: "Do you mind if I smoke?" 
Sarah Bernhardt: "I don't care if you burn."

On a former Fansite for Wong Kei there are many dry waiter quotations collected and one of the best ist this memory:
"Two Women ask if it is possible to have a seat by the window instead? The waiters goes "Why!?", one of the women goes "For a better view..." The waiter then turns and says, "You want good view? You go to Buckingham Palace!""
So, if you want the best chinese food in London and a divine "Hot & Sour Soup" go to Wong Kei, where Sarah Bernhardt laid the first stone...


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